Anders Skjulestad becomes the head coach in Team Ursus’ Rocket League adventure.

Skjulestad has an incredible expertise and experience around Rocket League. 

He has streamed all the Telenorligaen-matches in the last four seasons and have also been one of the pioneers for the Rocket League-community in Norway. 

Anders «eXuSeS» Skjulestad is commenting the final rounds in Telenorligaen 2018

We asked Anders some questions. 

Why did You ant to be a coach for Team Ursus? 
The reason I wanted to train Team Ursus is a lot due to Bjørnar Teigen. He is always going forward and ready to reach the next step! Then there is also a huge opportunity for the Rocket League-community in Norway that Team Ursus comes into the picture considering what they can offer the players.

How do you think the season will come and look? 
Team Ursus will fight in the top of all the tournaments/leagues they participate in.

Which team do you fear most? 
Now this will be the hardest season ever in RL/TL where for the first time there are 8 teams that can get to the playoffs. Among the 8 teams I fear Nordavind, razzlers and Bamble. This teams are having opportunities to get good results internationally.

What do you think will be a deciding factor for TU going to the top in Telenorligaen and other tournaments? 
The reason why TU is going to succeed is very simple. It is that players love to play Rocket League.

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